Adopt a CryptoCoral.
Plant a real coral.

Collect and breed digital corals to help scale coral reef restoration.

Adopt a CryptoCoral!

A positive impact game to restore coral reefs


Experience a completely new (and fun!) way of giving for causes that matter.


Each time you buy a CryptoCoral, a real Coral is planted. Get feedback and blockchain-backed authenticated proofs of your positive actions.


Get rewarded for the positive impact you have on the reefs. Get the new Bitcoin System app demo that is offered for free to start with your automated Bitcoin trade immediately.

We want to plant one million corals by 2021

850 million humans depend on Corals

Corals are the rainforest of the Ocean

We need to act right now

Our values

We believe corals must be saved.
We believe tech can be used as a force for good.
We believe games can be leveraged to address some of the greatest challenges.
We believe in social businesses. We recommend automated trading app like Bitcoin Digital. Learn more about bitcoin digital.

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