What we do

And why we do it.

1 for 1 policy


Purchased CryptoCoral



Coral planted in real life

We want to plant 1 million corals by 2021...

Our planet is in danger

Corals shelter 25% of marine biodiversity

Solutions exist to save corals leveraging Fun and Tech


Who doesn't love games? We believe games can be a great lever to bring together a lot of people around a specific cause.


We believe that technology can (and should!) help us solve the greatest challenges of our time.
This is why we are using blockchain technology to face this environmental challenge as it offers great possibilities in terms of traceability.

...and it happens we're doing a positive impact game

A game centered around cute digital corals

CryptoCorals are cute and unique virtual corals. Most of the time they have bright colors, complex shapes and funny faces!
The typical journey of a CryptoCorals player is:

    Adopt a CryptoCoral
    Ever dreamt of having a cute CryptoCoral? It is now possible! Each time you adopt a CryptoCoral, it funds the plantation of a real coral in the ocean. You can then cherish them, play with them and even win special prizes.
    Breed your CryptoCorals
    CryptoCorals are loving creatures. Once you have adopted a CryptoCoral you can access the Love Zone to get some baby corals with amazing looks and new genes! Become a talented Breeder to unlock some extremely rare genes.
    Unlock quests
    Give birth to the Super CryptoCoral with the most resistant genes! Unlock beautiful flower polyps. Get more than 100 baby CryptoCorals... Achieve quests, face new challenges and excel at being a CryptoCoral breeder!
    Become one of the top players and get rewarded
    Having a positive impact should be rewarded. This is why we created 3 rankings which will please every kind of players. Get to the top and win some generous prizes.

A game where each player supports the plantation of a real coral

Each player has a (concrete!) positive impact on the planet.
Indeed, each one contributes to the plantation of, at least, 1 real coral in the world. A single coral may seem very little, but it is actually one of the most high valued ecosystem in the world. Studies estimate their economic value at US$100 000–600 000 per km². This is why CryptoCorals is not a free game. And because we promise you to be transparent, here is where our 12$ price comes from:

    50% goes to the plantation of the real coral.
    Planting a coral is a complex process (see the different steps here) and depending on the technique used, the location of the site, the cost of the labor and the equipment needed, the costs of plantation can vary between 5 to 90€/coral! Today researcher are working on new techniques of plantation that would cost less in order to scale up reefs restoration.
    30% goes to the development of the game
    We want to create a new experience of giving. Where giving is fun, transparent and impactful. For the fun side we created a complete game with its own universe. A whole team of game designers, developpers, illustrator...are working on it.
    20% goes to our operation costs
    We want to build a for profit company to show that social businesses play an more and more important role in the economy. We called operation costs, the costs needed to run the company (our offices, pay the rest of our employees...).

And beyond the game?

To show the impact that each player had on the planet, we collect photos, videos and data about the corals evolution and growth.
We then send to each player:

    - a complete report of the corals evolution
    - a plantation certificate
So that they can see the proof of impact of their actions.
Our mission is to provide a 100% transparent way of giving for causes that matter. This is why we use the blockchain technology as it is one of the most advanced technology in order to improve traceability.
Today, each time a CryptoCoral is bought, we create a "token" on the blockchain. This way, we publicly claim how much CryptoCorals have been sold. Anyone can then check that each bought CryptoCorals has financed the plantation of a real coral.
But we won't to stop there. We are working on a process which would allow the contributors to trace the entire process, and exactly see how and where his contribution has been used for.